Thursday, June 25, 2009

25 things I've done so far this summer...

  1. worked chat reference a ton, earned the title of biggest "answerer" in May!
  2. celebrated lots of birthdays - parties, cake and ice cream :)
  3. met up with some old friends via Facebook
  4. already paid for our zoo pass in visits
  5. had a Mother's Day pedicure
  6. went on a picnic
  7. ate a Monte Cristo at Melt
  8. became a little obsessed with Crocs
  9. attended baseball games - Indian's and the kids' coach pitched
  10. ate tons at a Father's day breakfast and then a bbq
  11. got a Sam's Club membership
  12. taking a quilt class at Stitch Cleveland (still not finished!)
  13. met our possible future neighbors at a West Clinton Block Club meeting
  14. look forward to Tuesday story time and swim lessons
  15. applied for temporary health insurance
  16. cut carbs from our diet, lost 12lbs!
  17. kissed WFR after he hit his head on a driveway/sidewalk
  18. let my locks grow long and become very frizzy
  19. put up with terrible tenants for too long
  20. spent money at the Tremont Yard Sale and Farmer's Market
  21. put a few miles on the stroller by walking the neighborhood
  22. feel like I go to Giant Eagle almost every day
  23. felt under dressed at a City of Cleveland Architecture Review Board meeting
  24. Roller Derby!
  25. finally replanted the jade plant