Thursday, October 25, 2007

star struck

I've had a really star studded week so far. Last Sunday night my husband, brother and his girlfriend went to Lolita to have dinner and watch The Next Iron Chef. Michael Symon was there...just walking around, chatting & laughing with people. How hard it must be for him to keep such the secret of who is the winner! We sat at the round table, directly in front of the t.v. and had a really fantastic time.
Last night we went to CCPL's first Writers Center Stage event with Ira Glass and David Rakoff. David performed a piece about his childhood while Ira spun records. Then they were interviewed and the audience asked some questions. A high school freshman asked for some advice on getting into the business. Ira said just keep writing and coming up with ideas. He said that about 50% of the work is coming up with something to write about.

This week's big baby news - Monday I had a doctors appointment and we got to hear our baby's heartbeat! I also have started wearing maternity clothes.

We're having our Pumpkin Carving Party this Saturday so I have been really busy this week getting thing ready for that. I made 3 crock pots full of chili this morning!

Friday, October 19, 2007

world series food roundup

Apartment Therapy : The Kitchen linked to some PD articles here in their food roundup this week.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

dr. roizen

Last night Dr. Roizen gave a lecture at Tri-C East Corporate College. It was probably the closest thing I'll ever get to being on an episode of Oprah. The doctor was very charming, a great speaker and was happy to inform the audience that his real age is about 20 years younger than his 62 - he looked great! He talked a little bit about his website -which just informed me that my real age is 3 more than my actual years on Earth!
I found the most interesting part of the evening to be when he listed the ingredients that we should avoid in foods and suggested we throw away anything that has them listed as one of the top 5 ingredients on the label. I went home and looked at my 100% whole wheat bread and saw that the 2nd ingredient listed is sugar! Throw it away? After a few minutes I realized that I could very quickly empty my kitchen of food. I see that I have a lot of reading to do during my next trip to the grocery store.
The book signing went fast - there were probably only about 50 people at the event. I laughed out loud at what he wrote in my copy of "You On a Diet"'s a bit ironic, considering my present state :)
Holly -
May you have the waist you always wanted.
Dr. Roizen

Monday, October 08, 2007

Where has my brain been?

Why have I not blogged in ages (again)?

I've been working a ton? No, that's usually not kept me from blogging in the past.

I've done nothing interesting in the past month? Um, what happened during that weekend in Chicago?

I've discovered something that's consumed a lot - no ALL - of my thoughts? Yes..I've found out that I am pregnant!

Due to morning sickness, lack of energy in the evenings and the late summer temperatures -it's supposed to be 90 degrees today! - I just about stopped cooking completely for the months of August and September. We ate out a lot or resorted to bowls of cereal. I hope to start making dinners in our kitchen again very soon and bringing lunch to work. I can only eat so many cups of soup and saltines from the cafeteria.

And here's the proof...