Monday, May 14, 2007

My five favorites

I am tagging myself on a meme from Hot Coffee Girl.

My Five Favorite Places to Eat Locally - the Cleveland Version...

Nate's Deli (1923 W. 25th St.) We usually go to Nate's at least once a week. Their rolled pita sandwiches are great and they have THE BEST hummus I've ever eaten. What' s nice is if you take someone there who's afraid to eat anything "new". They can order a good deli sandwich and all are happy!

Siam Cafe (3951 St. Clair Ave.) Open till midnight daily. Order the pad thai, vegetable curry, scallops, spring rolls, I could go on and on.

Superior Pho (3030 Superior Ave.) Great weekend lunch spot! The soup comes with a whole plate of stuff that you can add to you liking. Vietnamese sandwiches, cabbage salad and summer rolls are also hard to pass up.

Lolita (900 Literary Rd.) - I went there for my birthday and the meat slicer made me swoon. I must say it was very difficult to make a dinner choice - everything looked good!

Tastebuds (1400 East 30th St.) - Another great lunch spot. My favorites are the roasted, toasted and grilled salad or the hot chicken sandwiches. It's always super busy and really loud - I find it to be a very fun environment to break up my work day.

A few places I would like to try...

Parallax (2179 W. 11th St.)
Lola (2058 E. 4th St.)
Korea House (3700 Superior Ave.)
Chez Francois (Vermillion)
Bubba Q's (Avon)

Friday, May 04, 2007

A post about food

My friend and I are going to split a family share from the Covered Bridge Gardens CSA this summer. Another option, set up by the Lakewood Earth and Food Community (LEAF), is City Fresh. I had a hard time choosing which one to join and now I'm thinking I should have gone with City Fresh. Mainly because they're going to have a "fresh stop" at Art House, which is only minutes from my house. Oh, well. We're still highly anticipating our fresh veggies.

Tri-C is offering Community Cooking Classes this summer. So far I've signed up for the Regional Country Side Dishes. The menu is: Mussels with fennel; Coq au Vin; Mousse au chocolate crème brulee. To balance this I'm also taking a kick-boxing class!

A new Retro Recipe Challenge has been announced. It's called From Retro with Love. Directions: Whip up dish a with international flare, using a recipe first published before 1985. Anyone have a suggestion? Entries are due Sunday, June 3 at 11:59pm

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Last weekend was spent in Charleston, SC where we attended a beautiful wedding, visited with friends, sat by the pool and enjoyed the sun for a few days.

What am I going to try to do this weekend?

Friday - Twilight Hike in the “Natural Flats” or help someone work on their nursery.

Saturday - art show at Bela Dubby and then the Art Extravaganza!

Sunday - the LAST school open house at my (and my mom's!) gradeschool - they're closing at the end of this year.