Friday, February 29, 2008

Market Cafe & Wine Bar

Douglas Trattner describes your first experience at the Market Cafe perfectly in his Free Times article..."Where do we start? What do we do? Help!" That's exactly how my friend E and I felt when we walked in yesterday at about 11:50am. It was already very crowded and a bit overwhelming.

We decided to both get our lunch from the same station so we wouldn't lose each other. The burger/grill station was our pick! All the burgers, meat and kabobs were in a cooler, like at the grocery store, and then made fresh to order. E was being healthy and ordered a rosemary chicken breast, baked potato and green beans. I (not being so healthy) ordered a cheeseburger and side of pesto pasta that had chunks of cheese tossed in. We also each had a chocolate chip cookie.

Really, everything in the place looked delicious. The longest line was at the soup/salad station so that's where I want to head to next time. There are booths and long tables for seating - we sat in the middle of a long table with a bunch of other people because it was quite busy by the time we got ourselves and our food together. You can also very easily get anything to go.

We really liked it and I'm sure will be back for lunch again soon!

Monday, February 25, 2008

100 and 1 birthdays

My dr's appointment was good on Friday. I felt the baby's skull with my fingers by pushing down really low on my abdoment. Sutherland said that's how they used to figure out if the baby was head down, before u/s. Very odd! She aslo went over when to go to the hosp: 1. water breaks 2. heavy bleeding 3. intense contractions. Stay home for as long as possible! I need to pack some things in a bag to take with me. Baby's hb was good and so was my blood pressure. She did comment on my swelling, but what is there to do? I had the Strep B test and she did an internal exam and nothing was going on. I'm supposed to do kick counts which are kinda freaking me out. I have heard all these stories about babies just dying in there and mothers just not noticing that they haven't moved in quite some time. She said I should do it 2 times a day. In the morning and at night for an hour each. Count till you reach 8 and then you can stop. This just makes me nervous, more nervous than anything so far this pregnancy.

Saturday we went to WV. Kevin rode with us. Adam was sick so he stayed home. Mom was sick but went anyways and stayed in the room the whole time and was miserable. I felt really bad for her. Mamaw looked good. She was pretty quiet though. I guess she can't see really well anymore. I gave her a hug before we left and she said good luck with the baby. We drove home on Sunday and stopped to see this Big Bucket for an adventure. Then dad ran out of gas and we luckily saw them on the side of the road. Ian got to be the hero of the day :)

We got home and then went directly over Cec & Chris' for Addison's b-day party. It was fun. She was super cute. We stayed over till about 10 and watched some of the Oscars with them. We haven't just hung out with them for so long and it was nice to visit.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

it's been over 2 months?!?!

Wow, time has been going by quickly. I have been so busy lately and haven't updated this blog at all! I feel like I have just been running on auto for the past few months. Between work, baby classes, doctor's appointments, celebrations, social events, eating and trying to sleep I've barely had time to breath. Here's a few of the big highlights of the past few months....

My birthday party at Malley's .

Shower cake - yum!

Weekend away at Honey Run Inn (my Christmas present).