Friday, February 29, 2008

Market Cafe & Wine Bar

Douglas Trattner describes your first experience at the Market Cafe perfectly in his Free Times article..."Where do we start? What do we do? Help!" That's exactly how my friend E and I felt when we walked in yesterday at about 11:50am. It was already very crowded and a bit overwhelming.

We decided to both get our lunch from the same station so we wouldn't lose each other. The burger/grill station was our pick! All the burgers, meat and kabobs were in a cooler, like at the grocery store, and then made fresh to order. E was being healthy and ordered a rosemary chicken breast, baked potato and green beans. I (not being so healthy) ordered a cheeseburger and side of pesto pasta that had chunks of cheese tossed in. We also each had a chocolate chip cookie.

Really, everything in the place looked delicious. The longest line was at the soup/salad station so that's where I want to head to next time. There are booths and long tables for seating - we sat in the middle of a long table with a bunch of other people because it was quite busy by the time we got ourselves and our food together. You can also very easily get anything to go.

We really liked it and I'm sure will be back for lunch again soon!

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