Friday, March 07, 2008

Film Festival

The Cleveland International Film Fest has started! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to volunteer for the opening night festivities. Last night was also my last day of work at one of my jobs. I'm going on maternity leave till fall. How crazy is that? People were asking me if I was sad. Heck no..I am thrilled! I will continue working at my other job till the baby comes - but that means I'll only be working every other day till then. Lots of time to lounge on the couch (dr's orders) and "nest".

Since the film fest falls during Spring Break I have the entire week off! I will be volunteering for the FilmSlam program and then seeing as many movies as I can handle.

Tickets purchased so far...
Return of the Cuyahoga
One Bad Cat
The Pixar Story
Kidz in da Hood


Sourire11 said...

You should be thrilled! What an exciting time!

I haven't made it to any film festival films yet - mostly b/c I was out of town last weekend. How has it been so far?

maybellesmom said...

oh, enjoy the film fest. I would take the week off work before Belle and see a dozen films. someday, we will get to see movies again.