Wednesday, March 19, 2008

bad condiments?

How often do you go through your fridge and throw away condiments? I came across this today. Off the top of my head, I see that I need to throw away a bottle of fish sauce that I bought when I tried to make pad thai. The smarter me now goes to Siam Cafe when I have a craving.

Aren't you supposed to replace dry spices after 6 months? I feel like I need to pitch them all and start from scratch.


aaron & becky said...

not sure if this list makes me happy or not...i do have a condiment problem....and feel that no fridge is complete with out at least three kinds of mustard, four salad dressings, three different kinds of hot sauce, two bbq' get the does this mean i can go out and buy ALL new condiments?
YIPPPPEEEEEE.......this could be the beginning of divorce procedures

Kerry said...

You're nesting! :)

I just went through and tossed lots of stuff because of moving, but I still have some just in case...but according to that I should just toss it all because I'll poison myself if I use any of it. La la la de da!

maybelles mom said...

I have to say I like the colors of this chart, but I think I might choose to not read certain tiles. Though, I guess I should probably be responsible so that Belle stays healthy. thanks for the post