Wednesday, October 10, 2007

dr. roizen

Last night Dr. Roizen gave a lecture at Tri-C East Corporate College. It was probably the closest thing I'll ever get to being on an episode of Oprah. The doctor was very charming, a great speaker and was happy to inform the audience that his real age is about 20 years younger than his 62 - he looked great! He talked a little bit about his website -which just informed me that my real age is 3 more than my actual years on Earth!
I found the most interesting part of the evening to be when he listed the ingredients that we should avoid in foods and suggested we throw away anything that has them listed as one of the top 5 ingredients on the label. I went home and looked at my 100% whole wheat bread and saw that the 2nd ingredient listed is sugar! Throw it away? After a few minutes I realized that I could very quickly empty my kitchen of food. I see that I have a lot of reading to do during my next trip to the grocery store.
The book signing went fast - there were probably only about 50 people at the event. I laughed out loud at what he wrote in my copy of "You On a Diet"'s a bit ironic, considering my present state :)
Holly -
May you have the waist you always wanted.
Dr. Roizen


August said...

cool. I'll have to check that out. I am so desperately looking for some direction in this area. I'm usually younger than my age. I'll have to check out his website and see if that's still accurate.

michelle v said...

I wish I would have known he was coming - I would have loved to hear him speak. We just had a health assessment as work where they give us out health age. I'm glad to be in my 20s again!