Monday, July 25, 2005

weekend treats

The stuffed squash were a little disappointing. I substituted some marjoram, oregano and rosemary for the Herbs de Provence and added extra Parmesan cheese (we love cheese) but the stuffing ended up still being quite bland. Plus, the squash were a bit underdone. There are still two little pattypans in the fridge. You know the recipe wasn't a success if there are un-eaten leftovers 3 days later.

Sunday, I had to cram in 2 social events and needed make 2 *quick* desserts in the morning. I decided on a recipe I had been wanting to try in Everyday Food for a Rustic Apple Tart. Never having worked with frozen puff pastry before I didn't realize that you have to THAW the dough before you can work with it. duh. So, I thawed it in the microwave and surprisingly it worked! I made 2 tarts---one peach and one apple. Both were well received by the crowds. Definitely a keeper.

I started thinking that I could try making the puff pastry myself and forget the frozen stuff...but doesn't that defeat the purpose of a *quick* recipe? Would it really taste any better if I made it from scratch?

Oh, here's an idea for the grill from my in-laws. They stuffed banana peppers with italian sausage and threw them on the grill, served with a little marinara on the side. Nice way to use those peppers.

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Randi said...

there is a good thread going on now at about making your own puff pastry. You can find it by using the search feature. If you dont know about egullet. I suggest you join, there is a great heartland forum and we had a get together in July in MI. A bunch of people from OH came to it and it was really fun.