Friday, March 10, 2006

When I'm out walkin' I strut my stuff

I met my friend at Pickwick & Frolic last night, where we had the worst waiter ever, only 2 drinks (we were thirsty - one reason why he was deemed a "worst"), crispy hand cut fries and medium done burgers. We didn't feel like ordering very much food before going to a concert and had planned on going to the martini bar for some appetizers but they were closed. Why?

The third girl in our group showed up and we walked over to the House of Blues to see the Violent Femmes 25th Anniversary show. When I bought our tickets the only ones available were in the upstairs - and they were not all together. So like everyone else, we sat in seats that technically were not all ours. The 2 seats that were together were all the way on the end of a row - so that you could not see ANYTHING.

Anyways...not quite sure what I was thinking but while I was sitting in someone else's seat I decided to be a rebel and snap a picture. I totally got busted and yelled at like a high schooler. But I wasn't sent back to my seat! Hahaha.

The Violent Femmes are old dudes but are so weird and cool that they completely mesmorized for the entire show. What entertainers! I didn't know anything about them before the show except that I like to dance around to Blister in the Sun at social gatherings - mainly weddings and on New Year's Eve.

Gordon Gano (the lead singer) looked like someone you would not want sitting next to you on an airplane. He wore this big red t-shirt and I think either a pair of sweat or fast pants. Too far away to tell, but gross either way. My friend told me he "used to be the cute one!?!"

Brian Ritchie played all kinds of different instruments including something that looked like a stick, a xylophone, shakuhachi and conch shell!

My personal favorite was the drummer Victor De Lorenzo - he was so cute dancing around, banging on stuff.

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Stacy S. said...

I so wanted to go to that show, that when I found out it was sold out, I made my boyfriend take me to Columbus the next night to see them. The opening band acutally said, "The Violent Femmes are usually always rockin' but last night in Cleveland, they were phenomenal." I defintely agree with you on the Gano thing. I always thought he was the cute one!