Saturday, April 14, 2007

the good

I always remember college as being fun. Yes, I worked a lot and missed my boyfriend but generally I thought it was a great time in my life. After reading an old journal that I kept as an undergrad (unfortunately, I believe it's the only journal I ever kept) I realized that's where I vented a lot of my frustrations. Apparently, I either forgot how hard it was or I was a drama queen with a pen. I know that writing helped me at the time but I was disappointed that I didn't document the positive things that were going on in my life.

The quote below is taken from one of my favorite blogs, Greek Tragedy. It's part of an entry where Stephanie writes about what she would say to her younger self today. I thought it was good advice and wanted to pass it on...

"Try to write about something other than the opposite sex or the fights you have with friends. I wish I knew, when I was younger, to write about the good in my friendships and family, to document the loving moments. Write about your relationship with your cousins, with your grandfather, with your parents. "

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Sean Santa said...

i love that advice