Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November Vacation - pt 2

Sunday we drove from St. Augustine 3 hours north to Savannah, Georgia - one of our favorite towns. Our friends KC and Gina drove down from Charleston to meet up with us. We went out to lunch and then for drinks and then dinner (are you seeing the pattern of our gluttony here?). We ended the night giving away our table keg to some other people at the bar because it was just too much...

Monday the sun came out so we decided to take advantage of it and go to Tybee Island. We walked from the lighthouse to the pier and back with our sweatshirt hoods up and tied around our chins. I picked up a few souvenir shells for my fish tank. No one at the pier seemed to know how or why this sail boat was beached.

The rest of the vacation we walked around downtown, River Street, City Market, visited some SCAD architecture buildings, and ate.

Forsyth Park - as always beautiful. I've heard that the city bought their fountain from a Sears catalog.

SCAD rendering computers - lots of them!

Soho South Cafe - very cute place that used to be more of a gallery and a quaint restaurant. Now the kitchen is huge and there are more tables and less art. Still very tasty food. They put fresh mint leaves in your iced tea.

Vinnie Van Go Go's - great pizza! The only things they serve are pizza, calzones and beer. I think they have other drinks but really - who needs them? These are the largest slices of pizza I have ever seen - and they're only $2.50 (+ 50 cents for toppings) only!

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Sourire11 said...

Thanks for sharing your vaca pics! I really like the one of the lighthouse.... and that rendering lab is awesome.