Thursday, June 14, 2007


My friends Erin & Matt have been especially good friends lately. Why? They have a huge cable tv!!! More importantly they have invited us over the past week to watch the Cavs games and the season premier of Top Chef on it! Hopefully this will be a weekly invitation ;) My favorites are Micah and CJ.

Very much looking forward to tomorrow. I don't have to work so in the afternoon I'm seeing Oceans Thirteen with my Friend T and then we're heading to Lolita. All the food people have been raving about their happy hour specials. That Kobe burger has been calling my name for a while now.

This morning on my way home from kickboxing (roundhouses are difficult!) I stopped at Chuppa's Market Place on Pearl Rd. It's a small market that has a pretty nice selection of produce (some organic), Michael's baked goods, cheese and a deli counter. I bought a bag of cherries - these are the most beautiful, juiciest cherries ever. Really they are! A perfect deep red, no blemishes, firm and not all sticky due to a few leaky/bad ones in the bag.

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August said...

So how was Oceans 13?