Monday, June 04, 2007

Olde Good Things

IMG_2877 IMG_2927

Over Memorial Day weekend we met up with one set of my in-laws in Scranton, Pa. No, not to visit Dunder Mifflin, but to go to an architectural salvage yard called Olde Good Things. This is the warehouse...they also have stores in NY, LA and Chicago. The amount of stuff there was overwhelming - rooms of furniture, doors, windows, hardware and sinks. Outside there were yards full of bathtubs, iron fencing and anchors. It was absolutely filthy and so much fun. Prices were not marked on anything so you had to find an employee and ask how much things were - which they seemed to make up on the spot and did not negotiate. I took many pictures...if you're interested in seeing them all click here.
IMG_2933 IMG_2948


August said...

That's pretty cool. So did you buy anything?

holly_44109 said...

We didn't get anything - the 'rents got an old door and doorknob.