Sunday, July 13, 2008

Peninsula Farmers Market

Erin, William and I drove down to the Peninsula Farmers Market on Saturday. We didn't get there till 11am so there wasn't much left to buy. I did get a bar of ginger & grapefruit soap from Lazy Bee and a peach apple pie from another vendor. Unfortunately, the pie crust wasn't baked all the way through and the middle was raw :( Next time we have to get there when it opens, bring a cooler and not forget the baby's hat. That way I can put him in the carrier instead of lugging him around in his car seat.

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Daune said...

We go to the Peninsula Farmers Market every week, as we pick up our CSA bundle there. I've gotten there as early as 9:10 (it's supposed to have hours from 9-noon), and things are already gone. There are early birds who come and grab up everything. Trying to get early season beets was IMPOSSIBLE.

My advice: get there between 9 and 9:30. Walk to the south end of the market, making a mental note of the vendors with signs and what you want to get and where. Get in line to get high priced but seriously delicious croissants for your ride home. Work your way back to your car. That first stand on your left after you cross the bridge in is usually well stocked, so that's the last thing you hit before you head back to the car.

The farm we subscribe to has wonderful brown eggs and usually four or five different kinds of sprouts (arugula, broccoli, radish) which are delicious. They're on the west side of the market.

Sorry you got a bad pie, and I'm sure you spent a bunch on it. He's pricey!! My son likes his pop tarts, but I feel like I could make my own for much less using the fruit we get there. There's just not enough time!