Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Kolachki, Kolacky, Kolachy, Kolace, Kolachi, Kolache, Kolachke

I am not sure which is the correct spelling but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about here - lovely, little Christmas cookies with tasty fillings. I used to make these with my grandma when I was little. She was a good Polish grandma...big and fun and generous and loud and kind. I do miss her a lot.

I made these last night for my BBM3 partner! I filled some with the Raspberry Jam I made in September and some with apricot or nut filling from the store! I cheated not having the time or energy to make all the fillings from scratch. Grandma never did either!

I had a few problems with my cookies "opening up" in the oven. They unfolded themselves. I believe the problem was that they were too small. One recipe I found used egg whites to glue the flaps together. I don't think this is necessary, but an option if you need it. Also, don't forget that the cookies are IN THE OVEN! While innocently checking my email, I did just that. One batch in the trash.

My grandma's original recipe used margerine!!! I followed these instructions:

Kolachki (about 2-3 dozen)

1/2 C. butter
3 oz cream cheese
1 C. flour
jam or preserves for filling

1. Preheat oven to 350. Allow cream cheese and butter to soften to room temperature Mix till well until fluffy.
2. Add Flour a little at a time and mix in till well blended.
3. Make dough into a ball, you can chill it in the fridge for easier rolling.
4. Roll dough out into a square shape 1/8 inch thick on board sprinkled with flour or confectioners sugar or a combination.
5. Cut the dough into 2 inch squares and place about ½ tsp of filling in the middle; draw up sides of dough around filling & pinch FIRMLY to seal.
6. Place on ungreased cookie sheet and bake for about 15 minutes.
7. Cool for a couple of minutes then place on wire rack to cool.


Tina said...

These look amazing! I'm going to try these as part of the Christmas cookie repertoire this year. Thank you!

Jill said...

What a great memory. Reminds me that I need to be having those moments with my kids.

Also - I love the title of this blog and suggest that it's way better than Believe in Cleveland. :)

lucette said...

I have my grandmother's recipe for kolachke (or whatever) too--I'll have to compare--see how they differ. I am embarrassed to say that I've only made them twice, so far.
For when you don't feel like baking them, the best bought ones I've had are from Vera's Bakery in the West Side Market.

from the former Mary G
(I did get a blog, but under a different name.)

holly_44109 said...

We buy them from Michael's Bakery (on Broadview Rd. and they also have a stand at the West Side Market). That's where I buy all my bread too. Their Light Rye is great.

stef said...

dear holly, thanks for the lovely swap box, the cookies are gone now :) but yum!! i posted a pic of what i received on my blog if you would like to see how it arrived for me.

Anonymous said...

I grew up with my grandmother and grandfather in Cleveland, I remember taking trips with them to the West Side Market every saturday morning. We always bought our kolochkis from two places, both Michael's bakery, and Vera's bakery...we just thought that they were both the best.
Now that I live in Wisconsin...let me tell ya...it is darn near impossible to find that quality of kolochki's unless you take a trip to Cleveland to buy them.
I miss my home!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. I wanted to make my own, but all the recipes I found didn't look like the kind I've had at multiple Cleveland bakeries. Glad I found this one!

John Hindulak said...

I love your blog. I live in Vegas and am origionally from Cleveland. I wanted to give you a link to a website with Kolachki filling recipies. Im Slovak,so Kolachkis are important