Monday, July 10, 2006

cell phones suck

Yesterday my husband dropped his phone in the drink. Well, it actually slipped out of his t-shirt pocket into the river as he helped his dad bring up their dingy. This trip was for "grown ups only" - we were just transportation. The raft and parents were launched near Lockkeepers and we then picked them up at Shooters. We will make this trip soon - can't wait!

So anyways the phone is gone and we are screwed. Rant begins now.

I purchased him a new phone a while ago, off of Ebay, because he couldn't hear on his old one and we were not eligible for any new phone "rebates". Who is actually going to pay like $200 for a phone that they give away? I called Sprint today and found out that I am eligible for a "rebate" but he is not. I guess switching the little card from the old phone to the new Ebay phone automatically renewed our contract for a year. Did not know that.

These are our options:
1. I get a new phone with a $75 "rebate" (paying the difference!) and give him my old phone. New 2 yr. contracts for everyone!
2. Same as #1, but I make them switch my number back to my phone, in the end my husband gets new phone and I keep mine.
3. Buy him a new phone at full price - we can not buy another Ebay phone because the his little card is gone.
3. Cancel his phone -$150
4. Cancel both of our phones -$300!!!

That's right. We have ONE contract with 2 phones that share minutes, but to cancel our contract (which I REALLY want to do at this point) they charge $150 per phone.

What to do?


clevepunkrockgirle said...

Hmm well I dont know anything about that problem except it sounds like it sucks! But yeah it sounds like we have a lot in common after all I like to knit and do some art and I love to read and I am learning to cook! You can email me at if you feel like it. Perhaps we can swap knitting patterns or recipes if you are so inclined.

SicklyBug & Cassaendra said...

Wow, and here I thought that insurance companies had the biggest one-up on scams on how to take your money!

I hope this was resolved all right w/o too much loss. It looks like a lose-lose situation where you pick the lesser of two evils. :(

- Cassaendra