Friday, July 07, 2006

New Jersey / New York

We got back from vacation on Wednesday. I love only having to work 2 days this week! Here's a little run down of the New Jersey / New York leg of the trip.

We didn't get in till after midnight on Thursday (someone ended up working a half day so we left later than planned). Friday after everyone woke up, showered and got lunch we finally made it to the History Museum around 2:30pm (they close at 5:45 - way to hustle people!). We looked at all kinds of stuffed animals, dioramas, dinosaurs and watched the planetarium Cosmic Collisions show. Robert Redford is the narrarator and I found that his voice made my eye lids very heavy. Well, either his voice or all the walking I did. We also went to Strand Books and strolled through Central Park - admiring all the New Yorkers with either their babies or dogs.

Saturday we went to Jersey City and went into a bunch of Indian grocery stores. They were really crowded with people so I couldn't get any pictures. Plus, all the fresh produce was covered in fruit flies which made me not want to get very close to any of them. Of course we didn't leave before stuffing ourselves with samosas and dosa (sans bugs) for dinner. Yum!

Sunday, our last day of visiting, was spent doing more shopping, eating and walking. We went to Chinatown and I fell in love with Pearl Paint - 5 floors of art supplies! Very inspiring. We ate a huge lunch at a restaurant called Il Fornaio located on Mulberry Street in Little Italy.

I left the city with a few souvenirs - art supplies, something from the Swatch store and a new pair of red and pink Pumas. My husband acquired a few new obsessions for double expressos and bottled sparkling water. Don't feel bad, he got a new pair of shoes too!

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clevepunkrockgirle said...

Oh Hi I live in 44109 too! I was searching random blogs around me and found yours. Nice pictures of your foods. If you now are obsessed with Pelligrino by the way you can find it at Gentiles on Broadview Road I reccomend the orange one and if you are at Gentiles you have to go a few doors down to Michals German Bakery while you are there and get some good German candies I love the Ritter Sport Bars go pick them up they are awesome!