Friday, September 29, 2006

Indian food

On Tuesday my friend Erin brought home some dinner from India's Cafe & Kitchen Inc. This is a little Northern Indian place on Ridge Rd. in Parma.

Last night I was on my way home from work (starving) and thought I would drive by to see if they were open. I walked in about 9:45pm and they were happy to whip me up some some very fresh samosa, chicken pakora, vegetable curry, shahi paneer and cucumber raitta. I could hear them chopping up the vegetables! Reading the menu I realized that they actually closed at 9pm. How nice of them to not turn me away!

Another Indian place I really enjoy is Udipi Cafe. It's Southern Indian food and completely vegetarian. Their lunch buffet is a really great.


Kristina said...

YUM! In the Akron area, Saffron Patch in the Valley is our favorite.

Beth said...

A great new restaurant opened in Lakewood on Detroit (corner of Detroit and W. Clifton) called India Garden (I think) anyhow the food is excellent and they have a lunch buffet and take out. The owner's wife also just opened an Indian food shop across from the Beck center (also on detroit.)