Wednesday, October 18, 2006


During the day I watch and listen to many people. Sometimes quite close and sometimes from across the room.

Today I heard a regular "patron" named Ricardo compliment a woman on her earrings. She absolutely lit up with a smile and said "Thank you, my mother made them for me." Then she actually sashayed out the door. He's made me smile many times - by enthusiastically telling me about his new job and by just saying hello. Now I'm sure your thinking that Ricardo is hitting on us women, but he's not. He is just always genuinely happy and kind to people. Imagine if more people commented on the good, like Ricardo, rather than complained about the bad. I'm sure I would see many more smiles during the day. His simple thoughtfulness probably made that woman's drive home a bit easier.


linda said...

Amen to that! Pay it forward!

hot coffee girl said...

I love the little, well meant compliment. I think we can all find one thing different about someone that might just make their day...or at least the next hour.

Thanks for reminding us about that.