Thursday, October 26, 2006

What's next?

Do you feel like once you get done with one thing you are immediately onto the next?

I'm done with the Pumpkin Carving Party. The next event on my list of things to think about every minute of every day is our upcoming vacation!

November 3rd we will be flying to St. Augustine for a wedding. Then heading up to Savannah (to relax) and Charleston (visit some friends) for a few days. Not exactly sure on the itinerary yet - that's what I'm obsessing about.

This morning I was checking rental car prices and figured I might as well try Priceline. I got our car for about half of what it was on Orbitz. Yes!

Our front porch project has slowed down tremendously. We didn't see any contractors for a few weeks but they showed up yesterday and put the floor down on the upstairs. They still have to stain all the shakes and finish off about a hundred other odd things around here.

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