Thursday, January 12, 2006


Food: Not yet fully unpacked or ready to start cooking again. Tonight we had Barilla, for like the 12th time since we moved. bleh.

Music: The Black Keys are playing at the Agora (presented by the Beachland Ballroom) on Feb. 25th. I bought my tickets yesterday and hope you get yours soon. They are truly awesome.

Movies: Went to see Brokeback Mountain (wow!) and The Family Stone (crap).

Knitting: Currently working on the Windy City Scarf from Stitch 'N Bitch.

Swaps: I've received 2 swap packages recently. A snack swap package filled with popcorn, cookies and candy from the crafty Mary of San Diego and a thrift store package from Abby in Irving, TX. A Conway Twitty record bowl, belt buckle, necklace and cowgirl purse. Thanks for swapping!


Kristina said...

I was supposed to see Brokeback Mountain at the Cedar Lee last Sunday, but a friend had to cancel. Hopefully I'll get to see it very soon.

jen said...

ooooh i love the black keys.
i couldn't believe it was just two guys when i first saw them!

Anonymous said...

Your scarf looks great! Love the colors. The molded record is very cool. Hope you are having a good week!