Tuesday, January 31, 2006

smell the coffee?

I never seem to have the time to make coffee in the morning. If I do, I either can't find my travel mug or end up leaving it filled sitting on the kitchen table. I've decided to give up brewing at home and stop most every day for coffee even though it makes me late to work at...

Civilization in Tremont- Love the ladies (and cute guy) that work there. Love the raspberry cheese croissant. Do not love that their large isn't the gigantic American "LARGE" coffee that I think I need to get through the first 4 hours of a work day. Love that if I can find my travel mug, they'll fill it for only a buck.


Cafe Ah-Roma, across from CSU on Euclid - Everyone there is soooo happy - to the point where it is borderline annoying. "Good Morning! How are you today? Can I get you some coffee? How about some breakfast?". Wow dudes, it's a bit early for me but I love the cute CSU guys that kinda look like Jack White and are super cheery. I wonder if they go through a lot of employee training--- Smile. Make eye contact. Smile some more! Love the BIG coffees and the Ah-Roma bagel sandwich with swiss cheese and ham. They also have really great sandwiches and salads for lunch - try the chicken salad.

If I'm really late I go to the "coffee cart" at work (after I make an appearance at my desk). Barista Bernard infuriates me with his constant banter plus his lack of consistency and speediness. After each visit I swear I will NEVER go back!

I went this morning. And waited 10 minutes for a cup of coffee out of a thermos.


lucette said...

I love Civilization, even though I don't drink coffee anymore. Their hot chocolate is pretty good. Also, one of the owners used to date my cousin, so it's almost like he's an in-law.

SnogAsh said...

I love Civilization way too much. Last night for dinner I had a chocolate-covered croissant. I don't even drink coffee.