Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"To Do" List

Ever since I read this post at Distracted Mind, I've been thinking about how I spend my time. Things that I used to enjoy doing I just can't seem to find time for or a reason to do now. A lot of it must have to do with "growing up" and becoming an adult with reasponsibilities to more than just myself. I get to have all these great adult things that I can very easily turn into excuses for why I don't or am unable to do "_______".

I see my friends do the same thing too. We used to spend lots of time together. Now it's difficult to find one evening where 4 girls are free to go out. I guess it's that we're not just girls anymore - we've all taken on bigger roles in life. Not to mention those damn responsibilities and date books. Can you tell that my 10 year high school reunion is only 1 month away? Yikes.

Anyways....starting Thursday I will have a little vacation from work. Some time off that I'm very looking forward to. Of course (with all of my profound thinking) I have been putting together a huge list of things to do and I'm determined to actually get some of them done, instead of wasting entire days watching daytime tv, wearing my pajamas and eating bon bons - what I like to refer to as "relaxing". These may not be life altering tasks but they're things I enjoy doing or are at least productive - and that's how I want to start spending my free time.

I've alsocame to the realization that I was in swap overload and am focusing on swaps where I can create something rather than swapping stuff that no one wanted to begin with!

To Do List:
label flat file drawers

clean car
buy herbs and tomatoes & plant in containers - not as cool as the
salsa garden!
Sew & Stencil
Art School Confidential
a few books
work on the one skein, shrine,
recipe card and atc swaps
(I've really dropped from quite a few!)
lunch with all my working friends

interview scheduled for Thursday


Sourire11 said...

I hear you on the whole “adulthood” getting in the way thing…

And your container garden is going to be just as cool as the salsa garden!!! Thanks again for the info on the plant sale!

lucette said...

There's a place for bonbons though, occasionally!