Thursday, February 16, 2006

BBM4 - Singapore Package!

I was very lucky to have the lovely ST, a "born and bred typical Singaporean who loves a spicy chilli crab", to be my BBM4 partner! Thank you so much ST for putting together such a great package. I really enjoyed opening and trying all the goodies! And thanks to the Food Ninja for hosting a really spectacular round of BBM!

I received a Chinese New Year themed package that included a note explaining some New Year celebrations and traditions, a CD of traditional Chinese music with a modern twist, a package of gift envelopes, mango dessert mix (I think it's like pudding), pepper salt prawn spices

pineapple tarts her aunt made

& super cute mandarin orange jelly candies!


Jess said...

what is this bbm thing? i clicked the link and it looks like people are sending food care packages? this looks cool. i want food from around the world. is this an organization?

ST said...

Hi Holly,

I am glad you like the goodies. I wanted to send more homemade stuff but was worried that the pastries were too fragile to make the long journey. Hope the pineapple tarts still taste ok.