Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My SP7 Valentine

My very generous Secret Pal sent me a HUGE Valentine's package that I got yesterday...yippee! She sent a handmade card, candy, candle, stitch markers, soaps, note cards, a pink dishcloth and much more...thank you SP7 so much!

I started working on a pair of Voodoo wrist warmers from Knitty. This is the first time I've used double pointed needles - a little confusing but fun.

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Sourire11 said...

What a great secret pal! and your wrist-warmers look really nice... my first project on DPN was AWFUL.

You planted bulbs? How cool! I'm so very new to this whole garden thing since we moved into our very first house in the fall. I'm hoping to figure out how to grow some food - tomatoes, basil, perhaps some peppers.... it's going to be fun.