Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Prosperity Social Club

Over the past few months my friends and I have visited Prosperity Social Club numerous times and it has become my new favorite place to go drink. The service is great. On one visit a patron asked if they sold Camel lights. Bonnie the owner said no, but that she had to go get cigarettes for the bar anyways and would pick up a pack for him when she ran across the street. That's how you get return customers. Also, the women's bathroom is always clean - even after midnight on the weekends. This is very important to me. It makes me very happy!

They have a small menu and I have been pleased with everything ordered. The cheesy artichoke dip is served with pitas - one visit white pita and on another wheat. Last night we had mussels and fried oysters off the special $5 menu. I was weary of fried oysters (I like them on the half shell) but the bartender assured me that they're good. We took his advice and ordered them - you can also get them in a po'boy sandwich. They were pretty good - the oysters were not chewy or tough. The sauce that they served on the side was spicy and sweet and the breading wasn't greasy at all. Unfortunately, the first oyster I popped in my mouth had a bit of shell still stuck to it. I chewed very carefully from then on. The 1 pound of muscles came out hot and were decent sized - served with with nice soft rolls to soak up the wine broth.

They also have entertainment---stocked jukebox and bowling machine!

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Sarah Wildman for ELLE said...

Holly, I'm actually writing in response to a post you wrote on Stephanie Klein's website. I'm writing a profile of Klein for ELLE magazine and I'm wondering: are you a regular reader? What draws you to the site?
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