Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cleveland on the board

Scott posted about this on Cleveland vs. The World:

Vote for either Cleveland's Euclid Avenue, Jacobs Field or North Coast Harbor -- one of these will have a spot on the new Monopoly Here and Now Edition gameboard.

I started casting my votes (what fun!) and began to notice that whenever there was a sports venue in the running, it was winning. Why do so many people want sporting venues to be identified as their national landmarks? Is Jacobs Field the landmark we want Cleveland to be identified with on a Monopoly board? According to the voters - YES!

The other Cleveland options aren't that great. Does anyone outside Ohio really know what the North Coast Harbor is? Why wasn't the Rock Hall an option? And Euclid Avenue? How about Playhouse Square? I would like to write in the West Side Market or the Cleveland Museum of Art, even if it is currently closed. Any other ideas?

There is so much emphasis on sports already - you could fill up an entire board with sporting venues. If the theme is national landmarks...would it really hurt to for once to make them a bit more cultural, historical or educational? I would be the first in line to buy the Monopoly Museum Edition gameboard. lol.

Go cast your votes!


bec said...

that was fun
i wish the museum was on it also it seems like evrything i picked was the loser
oh well guess i am not a sports fan

Sourire11 said...

Ha! I totally agree. And what about the Cleveland Orchestra? We’re one of the top in the nation! I would love to see playhouse square there… it’s something that most cities don’t have! Euclid Ave. doesn’t even really exist anymore the way that they described it!! We should write them a letter…

But at least Cleveland is one of the cities… Pittsburgh gets nothing… Superbowl champs or not.

lucette said...

I'm with you. I'd vote for the Terminal Tower, but I suppose that's nostalgia.