Monday, April 10, 2006

clothing frustrations

How is Target allowed to sell things like this polka dotted shirt for $18? Against my better judgment I bought this top a few weeks ago, in addition to 2 other equally cute ones, knowing it would take a lot of work to care for them and I probably would end up wearing them each just about 3 times before having to dispose of them. But they are so cute and light and airy and I thought perfect to wear on a hot day to work and I had money in my checking account....hmph. I couldn't even wait for a sale!

So, I washed them all in the gentle cycle last night with Woolite and hung them on hangers to dry in my closet. If they shrink the slightest bit I know they'll all be too small. If I wash them in the regular cycle all the sparkley/special like buttons will fall off. So today, at the virginal wearing of the purple polka dot top 2 buttons keep unbuttoning. Not the usual ones - the last 2 on the bottom of the shirt. I really hate clothing malfunctions!

This weekend was a bit of a blur. I worked Saturday and spent the rest of the weekend shopping for something (not from Target) to wear on an interview that I had today and also obsessing over the interview. One good thing is that I had one of the most memorable shopping "deals" so far this year - I got a suit from TJMax for $16.99. Yes, for the cost of a disposable cotton top I got a suit that "regularly retailed" for $250.00. I think it was mismarked. Maybe it all ended up coming out equal in the end.

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