Saturday, April 22, 2006

cool places to eat?

Last night I went to dinner at Fat Cats with my husband and his parents for his birthday. We had an 8pm reservation. They weren't too busy so we had a couple of drinks at the bar and we were then seated at the table next to the kitchen doors. Employees continually walked out the kitchen doors and around our tableto access the patio area. Personally, I think the kitchen door table, while a necessary evil, should be left for "walk-ins."

We ordered empenadas and calamari as appetizers. The 6? empenadas came out on a HUGE white plate with a little container of marinara. They looked so tiny and out of place on that plate. The calamari was the same calamari served at the Lava Lounge but with 2 different dipping sauces instead of green salsa.

My 3 dining partners each ordered a fish entree which they all really enjoyed. I chose the seafood linguine special - it was the same dish I ate at Halite minus some shrimp.

I just felt like the table was terrible and I was disapointed to order things on the menu that I have already eaten at other "cool places".

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