Friday, August 12, 2005

the good and the bad

Over the past few days I've been working on using up my csa produce. I made a cherry tomato and pasta dish from The Amateur Gourmet that was quite good.

Yesterday afternoon I tried making hot pepper jelly. I had jalapeno, santa fe grande and hungarian black peppers. I googled and found a recipe from called for the biggest amount of hot peppers (3/4 cup). Well, the recipe is called Certo Hot Pepper Jelly. I figured Certo was the brand of pectin and that 1 box of Certo would equal one box of ball or sure jell pectin. Well, I didn't figure right. Maybe because it's Canadian? I don't know what happened but none of my jelly set up and now I have 8 jars of hot pepper liquid. ugh! I even bought new cute ball jars for this project :( Now I have to empty them all and am not going to have platinum lids to replace the used ones. Why???

Last night I thought I was going to have some company for dinner but ended up eating alone. I made some Trade Joe wild salmon and patty pans on the grill. Then my friend and I went downtown to Mall B to see E.T. under the stars---the movies are put on by Parkworks. Nice family fun! I ate too many tortilla chips and candy bars, yes bars!

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