Monday, August 08, 2005

wedding weekend

Whew! My friend's wedding was last Saturday...the third of 3 weddings we attended this summer. I have a huge sense of relief that they are over. Now this means summer is almost over too, but that isn't even phasing me yet. The end of summer does not mean the same thing when you're grown up and work every summer not to mention every fall, winter & spring!

I haven't really cooked anything lately (is this becoming a habit?) due to a) being busy b) being lazy and c) there being no food in the house. So, my husband and I went grocery shopping last night after we ate dinner at Tommy's. The idea of shopping and then coming home and cooking and doing dishes exhausts me. We haven't been to Tommy's in a while and it was a real treat.

This morning I did make us oatmeal for breakfast and veggie wraps for lunch. I hope he is not putting too much faith in oatmeal. Just eating a bowl a day will not lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. He doesn't even like oatmeal. It's a chore for him to eat it.

Today I'm going to check out the American Heart Association's No Fad Diet, I got from the library. I know that there are tons of recipes I should be trying out. Hopefully, I'll be inspired today to make something fabulous!

This getting "healthy" is tough. Exercise is going to be a must soon. I loathe exercising. Should I start Jazzercising again? It's lame, but it worked for me before.

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