Wednesday, August 24, 2005

lunches & dinners

I love #1 Pho. I love P1.
That's what I had for lunch yesterday. It was a great day for soup...rainy and a little chilly. I love that weather. The last days before fall.

I made stuffed CSA peppers last night. Cous cous with 3 ears of left over corn on the cobb (i cut it off the cobb) plus a can of chopped tomatoes with the green chilies in them. Wah-la!

Today's lunch was a sandwich from Aladdin's Baking Company. I wanted a chicken gyro and they looked at me like I asked them for pierogi. How hard is it to substitute the chicken for the lamb? The giant rotating slabs of meat are right next to each other. The guy talked me into a #1 chicken sandwich, minus the garlic, plus the cucumber sauce. wtf? In addition, I wanted NO ONIONS. I don't like onions. When I was little I didn't like tomatoes either but I decided that was childish thing to dislike and have gotten over it. Not onions. I hate cooked, raw, red, yellow, white, green & chives. Maybe I will get over it too. Guess what was on my sandwich. It depressed me, but didn't stop me from eating it.

And last of all I just came back from Ginza where I stuffed myself with a girl from work. We have not had the greatest week and needed a beer and some raw fish to make us feel better. I'm not sure I know what good sushi is. I had one bad, very bad, sushi experience in Bloomfield Hills, MI. What's funny is that h. and I liked this particular place a lot and my illness did not stop us from returning many more times. The staff was real sweet.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day at work. I am already dreading it. But the weekend will soon be here. hooray!

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Randi said...

i hate tomatoes ( only raw) and I cant get over it.