Tuesday, August 09, 2005

tv fix

We don't have cable, we have 2 sets of rabbit ears. There are a few shows we have been known to watch during the week----Desperate Housewives, Miami CSI (when do the new epsisodes start anyways?) & Hell's Kitchen---but we don't watch that much. If we had cable I think I'd watch much more. So, we don't. We have cable internet only.

My in-law's are visiting my aunt-in-law (is that a real relation?) in Florida and we were asked to dog sit. Thank goodness they know a lot of people and we only have to do the night shift. Feed, water and entertain 3 border collies each night. What fun. I like the dogs but they are a pain in the butt. The neighbors complained and called the POLICE because they were barking at night and kept them up!!! The parents are coming home tomorrow so it's almost over.

The good thing about dog sitting is that they have CABLE. Last night my husband worked till about midnight (this is not unusual) and I had complete control of the remote. Ha! I sat on the couch and "entertained" the dogs for a good 2 hours. I watched some TLC, Food TV and was so happy to catch Anthony Bourdain's new show No Reservations on the Travel Channel. I was a HUGE fan of his show on the Food Channel and this was very similar. Not sure why this is on the Travel Channel but whatever, I enjoyed it. The episode last night was all about New Jersey. They showcased some cheese, made from only grass fed cow's milk, that I must try!

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