Thursday, September 08, 2005

michigan tomotoes

Last weekend h. and I went up to Detroit for our friend's birthday party. Good food, but not nearly enough of it.

Our friend has a little garden in her backyard and gave us 4 huge tomatoes. They were enourmous! Well, I decided to make a recipe adapted from Toast's Farm Box series. A very valuable series of posts when you have so much produce on hand! Not only did I procrastinate for an entire week, letting those plump tomatoes get redder and redder and start to bruise from sitting on the counter for so long, then after finally processing the tomatoes I left the bowl in the fridge for two days! Today, I finally made the tomato sauce. Have I used it yet? No. I bought chicken and angel hair pasta but alas, I had to come to work. And I doubt I will start making dinner at 10:30 tonight.

Blast! That reminds me....I left my container of yogurt in my PURSE! I forgot to put it in the fridge :(

p.s. That's right....the majority of the time I'm "working" I read and write blogs! That's what I'm doing to pass the time right now. Oh, you do it too! Well, I doubt mine but someone's!

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