Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Art of Cooking

Today I got my hands on 3 new cook books. Well, not "new" but new to me. The Art of Irish Cooking (1965), The Art of German Cooking (1967) and The Art of Italian Cooking (1948) - all are out of print now but seem to early volumes of Hippocrene International Cooking Classics. I've leafed through them and found it amazing what ingredients cross cultures ...for example calf brains and eel. The Italian book has great chapters on Italian herbs, festival menus, antipasto and the correct order of serving wine. It actually outlines what type of wine to serve with each course and the desired serving temperature. Awesome! Now I know that I should be drinking chilled Chianti with my spaghetti or ravioli!

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Sourire11 said...

Hi! Thanks so much for posting on my blog! It’s always so fun to get a response – and nice to know that someone out there is reading. The CSA thing that you’re doing sounds really, really cool. I’m hoping that next summer I will be able to actually grow some herbs and veggies myself. I, too, enjoy cooking however I haven’t really had time to do much lately since we just moved and all. I want to get back into it especially if I’m going to have fresh produce to work with!

I also get annoyed when I read the best of guides – I haven’t read the Cleveland one but when I lived in Cincinnati literally every single “best” was a chain restaurant. Best margarita is Chi Chi’s, best sandwich is Quizno’s etc. What’s the point of listing bests for a city if you can get them anywhere in the US?

Anyways it’s nice to meet you!