Saturday, October 15, 2005

fun filled friday!

Wow, my husband and I both had yesterday off. We spent so much "quality" time together it was sick!

  • got some cool heirloom pumpkins from Rosby's to put out on the front porch
  • had breakfast at Nate's, stopped at the Market for some cinnamon almonds
  • took a drive out to Blue Jay Orchard in Hiram and bought some apples
  • ate lunch in Garrettsville (not so yummy)
  • went to Tremont for the Art Walk. Thanks to Tremonter for posting about the Mutt Hutt's Doggie Disco - in was fun!
  • watched Pulp Fiction - it's been so long since I saw that movie, it was like I had never seen it before!

I am just about to get off work now. This afternoon is not going to be near as much fun as yesterday. We have plans to do lawn work and clean the garage, in preparation for our Pumpkin Carving Party next Saturday. That I am looking forward to.

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Sourire11 said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Very local Cleveland which I'm all about. I completely missed the raspberries at Rosby's this year which I'm bummed about. Thanks for the link to the Tremonter website - I'll be checking that out for events in town!

In answer to your question taking the bus costs about the same as driving (it would cost $2/day to park and costs somewhere around $2.50 day to bus so with gas and wear 'n tear they are somewhat equal) but it is so much less of a headache. No dealing with traffic, less walking - the lot I park at is faaaar from my office, and time to knit or read during the commute!