Thursday, October 20, 2005


Today I made 2 batches of beef & bacon chili for our Pumkin Carving Party on Saturday. The rest of my party menu (to be made Friday and/or Saturday a.m.)...artichoke dip, vegetarian chili, raspberry bars & hot spiked cider. We're also going to grill some brats. I swear we can't have a party without eating bratwurst or kielbasa.

I finally started to knit a Harry Potter scarf last night for my friend. I promised her I'd have it finished by the time Goblet of Fire movie comes out -Nov. 18th! Since it took me an entire night to figure out how to use circular needles, I really better get crackin'. I'm following the pattern from atypically.knit. Directions are to knit rows of 70 stitches. I've finished one stripe and have already added 2 stitches. I am not starting over again.

FYI - I am not a wierd Harry Potter fan. I read the first 3 books and liked them quite a lot, but decided I will not be devoting my time to read all 7. I should read Goblet of Fire again though. You know, during all my free time when I'm not working on the scarf.


Magpie said...

Hi Holly! I got the Halloween swap package friday. Thanks so much! :) I love the black cat bucket and all the goodies.


Kristina said...

Mmm...that is a most excellent menu for the party!