Saturday, October 29, 2005


I usually go out to lunch at least 2 - 3 times during the week. I am too lazy to pack a lunch at night for the next day, I get up too late to do it in the morning and I get antsy at work and like leaving (for ANY reason). There was a ton of leftover lunchmeat in the fridge from our party last weekend and I forced myself to eat sandwiches all week - I didn't want to waste it. I hate eating the same thing every day and couldn't take in anymore by Friday.

So, I treated myself to some yummy sushi from Kimo's Sushi Shop in Ohio City - this was my first visit. The presentation in my to go box was beautiful, even after being tossed around in my car. I had a piece of tuna nigiri, salmon nigiri, a california roll and a dynamite roll -to go. The nigiri pieces were huge, it was absolutely necessary to eat them with 2 bites. The outside of the california roll was covered with a substantial amount of orange roe, which is one of my favorite things about sushi. Those little eggs are like a party in my mouth! The dynamite roll was rolled in black sesame seeds and also really good. They were cooking some Udon noodle soup that smelled delish. Must try some next time!

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